Going After Your Dreams

I remember talking to a friend of mine some time back about my dreams, way before I went to university for my degree in Software Engineering. She couldn’t believe it; she blatantly stated her amusement at how I still thought that everything was possible and that that state of mind that I was in would one day revert to being “normal”(hashtag fear of failure). In other words, that I would give up dreaming and quit having my head in some pink fluffy cloud. But no, I never stopped dreaming I just got better at getting what I want and at realizing my dreams one dream at a time.

Wholly Happy

Looking around me, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed. I really do have everything I ever dreamt of; two beautiful, kind-hearted daughters, a loving husband, a devoted mum, and the worlds most amazing siblings. And I’m also proud to be a woman in technology: hashtag I look like an engineer.  I still have some dreams to realize though, so I’m not entirely done with the chase yet. Not yet.

The Fear of Failure

Going After Your Dreams

Dreaming about the future and writing down goals is the easy part. It’s the chase – that’s where things get complicated, and that’s where many people will typically give up. Why? The fear of failure – it stops people in their tracks when it really shouldn’t because failure provides us with the opportunity to grow. I think that failure is as much an essential part of our lives as pain is. You see, for without pain we wouldn’t know what harm is, what love is or what safe means. Our chances of surviving way into adulthood would also be pretty low.

It’s essential to overcome the fear of failure and just do what needs to be done to get you closer to realizing your dreams. Instead of focusing on the failure, I find self-affirmation and positive thinking to be excellent tools for keeping my eyes on the ball. I talked recently here on my blog about the power of self-affirmation and positive thinking (or visualization).

Living in The Moment

Fear Of Failure

Although it is important to dream and to go after those dreams, it is also equally important that you do not get all caught up in the chase so much so that you forget to live in the present. You have to live and enjoy your life now, not tomorrow. If you take a moment to look around you, take a moment to breathe, you will attain your dreams as a much a happier person. Happiness is not the result of chasing your dreams, it but the very foundation of your success.

Are you a dreamer? Care to share how you stay focused on your goals?

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