6 Must Read Books On Happiness – Summer Reads

I love reading books on happiness. They are without a doubt my favorite kind of books to read. When I think of the word happiness, the movie  “The Pursuit of  Happyness” starring Will Smith comes to mind. Have you seen it?  It’s powerful, you should see it. books on happiness

I enjoy reading books on happiness, and I have learned and continued to learn so much about what happiness is. Happiness, endless laughter and joy as kids but by the time we are adults, it has morphed into some form of art that one needs to master.

I think it is all too easy to become too serious about life that we forget to laugh, to smile, and to live in the moment.  Add on lists of responsibilities and goals to achieve; it becomes easy to get overly ambitious that we end up feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed when things don’t go our way and joy goes flying right out through the window.

I read books on happiness because reading them brings me inner peace and allows me to focus on what’s important – living in the moment. Books on happiness teach us how to live happier lives. They also show us how to achieve greater purpose and joy in our lives.


 Steps To Personal Growth

As a busy mum (like most mums),  finding time to read can be tricky. I try to read at bedtime, but I’m so tired on some nights (especially during regular work days) that I fall asleep after just two sentences if I’m lucky. But one should make time, so I read on lazy Sunday mornings or afternoons when everyone else is busy with their own things in and around the house.

6 Must Read Books On Happiness

The following is a list of some amazing books on happiness that I highly recommend. Just reading one of them will change your life and completely change the way you view things. These books are THE must read books on happiness! Hope you enjoy them:


The Happiness Trap


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