Parays Animal Santuary

Today, my mum, the girls and I decided to head off to Parays Animal Sanctuary in Lusaka. The Sanctuary has these two very gorgeous and very rare white lions and 2 of the world’s cutest little tawny lion cubs.

I still cannot get over how cute they are. I know I’m being biased here because I’m and have always been a cat lover. I love dogs too, but in my own biased opinion, cats (and especially lions) are the cutest most gracious four legged creature on the planet.

Parays’ also have a lot of other animal species like zebras and the like in a separate area of the game park. We were mostly interested in seeing the rare white lions. The girls couldn’t care less for the antelopes and zebras. How we take things for granted sometimes!

Things To Do In Lusaka
We were not allowed to interact with the tawny lion cubs when we got there as they’ve become bigger and a bit too powerful. And energetic, playful lion cubs can be dangerous. I can handle pet cats, dealing with lions on the other hand? Nope. You have to respect them.

Only the staff could go into the enclosure. And I’m not complaining. The cubs are so full of energy and the girls being such cat lovers, were completely mesmerised by them.

parays animal sanctuary Lusaka

Picnic By The Water

After viewing the lions, we had a cosy little picnic at the picnic and fishing area. I had packed some grilled sandwiches and drinks for the picnic. But they do have a BBQ area and equipment for anyone wishing to BBQ. Swimming pool and changing room facilities. We all had a fabulous time.

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