My New Wearable: Samsung Gear S

The wearable market is expanding at a rapid rate. Smart watches are just some of the few innovations taking the wearable market category by storm. Just last year, Samsung managed to push out about 5-6 smart watches. Being a gadget junkie, I will admit, I was very tempted to buy their very first release. I decided to wait and let the whole smart watch innovation development thing mature a bit. But after almost a year, I caved. I couldn’t wait anymore. I’m now proud to say that I’m, for the first time, a Samsung Gear S watch owner!


Samsung did it this time, and I just couldn’t resist buying this beautiful watch. It looks so futuristic, kind of like something from Star Trek but in a much cooler way, and that’s one of the things I love about it. The Samsung Gear S is more like a mini smartphone on your wrist.  And compared to the previous smart watches before it does not look cheap at all.


This beautiful, smart watch runs on Tizen, Samsung’s mobile operating system. It is capable of receiving and making phone calls independent of your phone as it comes with a Sim slot. You do still need a compatible Samsung phone to pair it with to start it for the first time. The watch and phone connect via Bluetooth (must be within range) or via a mobile data connection.

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My favourite Gear S features? The pedometer, heart monitor, the graphical watch face, the ability to have my phone on silent without the risk of missing important phone calls, my wrist gently buzzes every time I receive notifications, i.e., Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook notifications just to mention a few. You don’t have to bring out your mobile phone all the time. Just turn your wrist towards you, and you got it! And of course, the cool looking 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display.

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