My Current Beauty Favourites

The past few weeks have led me to a few beauty product discoveries that I have fallen in love with, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

The Perfumes

This summer has been lovely – not too hot. So I went on a quest to find a scent that was sweet, fresh and yet classy. Something that I could also make use of during the winter months. Finding the perfect summer come winter fragrance was no easy task though. I must have gone through at least four different products before I found my two favourites.

Si by Georgia Armani

This perfume is just divine! It’s soft with airy florals, classy (must be the musky blond wood), feminine,  and lingers on my skin/body for hours. I also like the bottle. It’s a bit heavy but looks and feels like a good quality bottle. It’s the first time I try anything by , and I Love, love it!!!



Gucci Bamboo

Now, had me at Sandalwood. It’s floral, gentle and has these fresh clean and somewhat relaxing notes thanks to the sandalwood and amber. A perfect summer fragrance in my books and a keeper. I could wear this perfume every day, day and night.


Other Current Beauty Favourites

Essie Nail Polish

As a working mum with a busy schedule, I like to make sure that my nails are pretty at all time but with minimal effort. Essie’s gets the job done. It’s a hot red-orange colour that’s perfect for the summer. Just two coats of it and I’m all set for the week.


H&M’s Milky Tea

Lovely pure nail polish colour. I use Milky Tea when I am wearing black, browns or whites. However, it doesn’t last very long – 3 days max on my nails.


L’oreal Dazzle – Flash Dance Lipgloss

And last but not least is my . This lipgloss has a lovely scent and the perfect shine. I must admit that I can be quite fussy about how glossy my lips look, but this one seems to impart just the right amount of dazzle. Love it!

My current Beauty Favourites


Do you have any current summer beauty favourites? I would love to hear from you!






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