Why Having a Cat Is Good For Your Health

Having a cat is good for your health.  I’m a cat lover or as some would say – a cat person.  I love dogs too, but I consider myself more of a cat person than a dog person.

I got my first cat when I was just six years old and fast forward into the future my love for cats remains intact. In fact, I think it has grown enormously. And it comes as no surprise that my daughters are cat people too; which is good because cats can lower the risks of developing allergies in children.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you five scientifically backed reasons why having a cat is good for your health.

1. Cats Make Great Companions For Women

Cats make great companions especially when you live alone.  This study found that adult women living alone without any pets were more lonely than people living with other people, individuals living with only pets, people living with other people but without domestic animals, and men living alone.

2. Cats Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

According to a heart risk screening survey conducted in Australia, pet owners showed lower levels of cholesterol and had lower blood pressure as opposed to non-pet owners. Having high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels increase the risks of getting heart disease.

3. Cats Bring Joy and Happiness

Having a cat is good for your health and that includes your mental health too. Being a cat owner will make you a happier person.  A study shows how negative moods such as anxiety, introversion, depression, and fear improve by cat-human interactions.

I don’t find this finding surprising. Holding or patting my at the end of a busy day relaxes me.

Cats can be very playful too, and their playfulness will put a smile on any face. I usually pause to watch my cat (the more playful one of the two) as she pretends to hunt some invisible prey or when she pounces on and wrestles with her favorite rug on the living room floor. So much fun!

Just writing this post puts a smile on my face.

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4. Having A Cat Is Good For Your Heart

Studies have shown that cats can significantly help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in cat owners. And not just in their present owners but in their past owners too. So if you owned a cat a few years ago, chances are you’re still reaping the health benefits of living with your feline companion.

5.  Having a Cat Is Good For Your Health Because You Sleep Better

Finding it hard to fall asleep? Well, having your fluffy pal sleep next to you in your bed could be very good for your health. Having your cat in your bed could help you fall asleep. A cat’s companionship, while you sleep, may help with mental relaxation which makes staying asleep a little easier.

My cats have this seriously cute calming rhythmic breathing that could put anyone out in minutes. It certainly makes me feel calmer and more relaxed.

Do you have a cat? Care to share how your cat has positively affected your well-being?

Why having a cat is good for your health



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