DIY Fall Wreath With A Rustic Country Cottage Feel

Fall is finally here, can you believe it? Even though I love summer, fall is by far my favorite season. A change in seasons also means new seasonal projects. And my first project for this fall is a DIY fall wreath for our front door. As some of you might already know, I always look forward to getting our home ready for the chilly Autumn days. It’s always so exciting.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you how I made my DIY fall wreath over the weekend. I had so much fun creating this wreath, and I hope that I can inspire you to create one for yourself. It’s quick to make (took me just 5 minutes), and I think it looks beautiful hanging on a door or above a fall themed mantel.

So, here goes.

 DIY Fall Wreath Supplies

Below is a list of supplies that you will need to make your fall wreath. You can find most of the supplies on but you can of course use materials that you might already have around your home:

  1. Place one end of the beige colored ribbon on the wreath and hold it in place with a pin and hot glue.
  2. Wrap the straw wreath with the beige ribbon leaving a bit of the ribbon out for a hanging loop.
  3. Hot glue the loose end of the ribbon on the back of the wreath to make a hanging loop.
  4. Pin or hot glue the mini pumpkin decor pieces to the wrapped wreath.Wreath With Pumpkins
  5. Glue the maple leaves onto the wreath in layers adjusting them as you go.DIY Fall Wreath
  6. Wrap the wreath with the orange ribbon for some flare. Cover liberally for a more rustic look!
  7. Hot glue the loose ends of the orange ribbon on the back of the wreath.

DIY Straw Wreath  Fall

And that’s it. Your fall wreath is ready to hang on the door, or above a fall themed mantel.

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