The Wonderful Health Benefits of Ginger

The health benefits of ginger – When it comes to our health and wellbeing, there is no better thought than being able to eat Ginger Health Benefitsourselves well. There are a variety of herbs, spices, and other foods which not only taste great but have a positive impact on our body and mind. One of these such foods is ginger. Sure, the first reason that you should opt for ginger is that it tastes great in a curry or stir fry (I love my stir-fries). But ginger comes with an array of health benefits too.

The Health Benefits Of Ginger

The root of the ginger plant has been used in cooking for thousands of years because of its great taste. It has also been used for its amazing medicinal properties. Below I list just some of the many health benefits of ginger.

Helps Relieve Nausea

One of the best-known health benefits of ginger is that it can help relieve nausea. Often advised to be eaten during pregnancy to treat morning sickness; you can also use ginger to address other issues such as motion sickness.

Great For Your Digestive System

Stomach pain and discomfort is not a pleasant feeling to have, in fact, it is often the reason why a lot of people reach for painkillers. Ginger is known as a carminative. Which means it aids in eliminating any excess gases that can build up within the digestive system. Furthermore, ginger can also help soothe any irritation in the intestinal tract.

Natural Anti-inflammatory

We all know that something which is deemed as an anti-inflammatory is good. Ginger is a particularly potent anti-inflammatory thanks to the gingerols it contains. Regular ginger is often recommended for those people who suffer from arthritic conditions. It is known to reduce pain and improves mobility too.

Ginger is Good for Your Brain

Having better brain function, including memory is something we all hope for. Ginger has been shown to improve a variety of brain functions. Particularly if it is taken by those who are older. Studies have shown that ginger is able to enhance attention and cognitive processing too.

It Might Even Work On Cancer

Now, this particular study is in its early stages. However, it is thought that ginger might be able to prevent and suppress some forms of cancer. The levels of 6-gingerol in ginger can provide anti-cancer action against a variety of cancers including breast, ovarian, colorectal and some others too.

The Health Benefits of Ginger  – It Tastes Great!

So, now you know just how many things that simple little ginger root can do for you, it seems silly not to have it in your cupboard. Not only is it good for body and mind, but one thing is for sure. Ginger is also great for your dinner too. Spicing up a variety of dishes and giving a particular flavor to anything that you add it to, I love ginger, and I want to make sure that plenty of other people are upping their ginger intake too!

Health Benefits of Ginger


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