How To Start A Blog For Profit With Bluehost

Are you looking to start a blog for profit?  Do you have a topic or even topics that you are passionate about, e.g., life planners, recipes, fashion, etc.? Then you’ve come to right place! Today I’ll share with you how to start a  blog for profit with Bluehost. I’ll help you on this journey by sharing with you exactly what you should do to start your own blog.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies there is, and you can start your blog with them for as little as $3.95 per month. I highly recommend signing up for a 12-month hosting plan as you will save a lot of money that way.

Why Start A Blog For Profit?

Blogging is a lot of fun and that’s why I do it. I also do it to earn money. I started my blog in July 2017 as a hobby (because I love writing and sharing ideas) but also with the intention of turning it into another source of extra income.

How can I earn money through blogging?

Blogging can be an excellent way for you to earn some extra income. There are a lot of ways in which you can monetize your blog.  You can join affiliate programs, e.g., the Amazon affiliate program or even make money by displaying advertisements on your blog or by writing sponsored posts. There are, of course, more monetization options than I mention here. Also, if your blog is hosted by the likes of Bluehost,  you’ll appear more professional to your readers and to companies that might be interested in doing business with you.

There’re many reasons why you may want to go with Bluehost, and I’ll list some of them here:

  • Bluehost offers 24/7 technical support. Their technical support personnel is always online to help answer all your questions.
  • Secondly, their hosting is cheap which means you don’t have to pay out a lot of money to own your blog. You can start a blog at a lower cost.
  • You get a FREE domain with your purchase.
  •  If you’re interested in making an income from your blog then Bluehost if for you. With Bluehost, your blog will be self-hosted, professional, and you can monetize it as you please.
  • They over 2 million websites are currently hosted by Bluehost, a clear indication that Bluehost is doing something right.

How To Start A Blog For Profit With Bluehost

1. First Find Your Niche

If you’ve already picked a niche and domain name, you can go ahead and register your domain and then follow the instructions below to get started.

Before you register a domain name, you should first know what niche you want to be in.

A niche is topic that your blog will be focused around. Some bloggers will recommend that you have one niche (niche blogs or niche websites) but I think a multi-niche blog is more exciting and suits my personality better. I wouldn’t, however, go beyond 3 niches because that would be too much. Maybe you would like to focus on a particular topic or would simply like a bit more blogging freedom?

2. Pick A Domain Name

A domain name is simply the address where people will find your blog when they search for it. Your domain name is the address for your blog. For example, mine is so if you know this you know how to find my blog on the web.

Choosing the right domain name is really important. So you might want to take your time here as it requires a lot of careful thought. Choose a name that is easy to remember, easy to type, and if possible, contains keywords. Your domain name shouldn’t be too long either, and it should not contain hyphens.

Should I Pay for A Domain?

Not with Bluehost. You only pay for the hosting, the domain is included in the purchase.

Now you’ve probably heard about free domains and free hosting, and I know what you’re thinking “why on earth I should pay for hosting when I can get hosting for free?). I know, I know it’s free, however, don’t do it. Don’t get the free ones! Here’s why:

Sub-domains are typically free, but they are a terrible idea if your primary goal is to start a blog for profit. Also, another critical thing to remember when it comes to sub-domains is that you don’t own your content. The hosting company owns your content, and they can shut your blog down at any time. They own your data. And not only that, these hosting companies will even run ads on your site. You do the blogging, they do the earning.

If you want to start a blog for profit and not as a hobby, then a sub-domain is probably not for you. What you need is a top-level domain WordPress blog on Bluehost. Being self-hosted on WordPress is the best option. You can run advertisements and monetize it as you please.

3. Register Your Domain Name

Now that you have a niche and a name for your blog, it’s time to register your domain. You will need to head over to Bluehost to do this. There are many web hosting companies out there (I have tried Blogger, Sitesell, and HostGator) but Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies there is.

Domain registration and hosting all in one place

How To Start A Blog For Profit

Now that you have a domain name, the next thing you need to do is to find a home for your blog to live – a web host. One thing I like about Bluehost is that you can register your domain name with them too.  You don’t have to buy your domain name from a different domain registrar, e.g., and then find a hosting company to host your blog.

A web host is a place where your blog will be hosted on the internet. Blogging involves writing text (tons of it), sharing images and sometimes even videos. All these files are files that make up your blog. These data need to be stored somewhere, and that storing is done by a web host. So when you upload images to your blog, you upload them to your web host.

To get hosting and domain registration on Bluehost:

  1. Click on “get started now.”
  2. Select your plan.
  3. Enter your domain name.
  4. On the next page, enter your details.
  5.  Click submit.

You should receive your new account information via email. You’ll be able to log on to your account within minutes.

5. Install WordPress

If you want to blog for profit, then it is essential that your blog looks professional. I have personally used both Blogger and WordPress, and I How to start a blog for profittcan tell right now that WordPress is by far the better option. WordPress also has better themes free and premium.

WordPress is easy to install on Bluehost thanks to their 1-Click WordPress installation feature.

Creating Your First Blog Post On WordPress

Are you ready to create your first blog post? Awesome! Let’s get started.

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, click on “Posts” >> “Add New.”
  2. Enter a title
  3. Write your first blog post, save and preview
  4. Hit publish to publish your blog post

To add images to your posts

Click the “Add Media” button (top left), select an image from your image library or upload one from your computer and click insert into post.

And that’s it. If you have any questions regarding domain names, WordPress installation, making money with your blog etc., just send me an email, and I’ll help you out!


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