How To Save Money On Baby Items

Preparing for the arrival of a baby is exciting but can also be expensive. However, with a bit of planning, you can save money on baby stuff.

I’ll admit. I spent loads of more money when my first daughter was born compared to when my younger daughter was born. Splashing on every baby item that I saw. I thought I “needed” all the cute dresses, onesies, cuddly toys, the strollers and more. With my younger daughter, however, I decided to do things differently –  save money on baby products by sticking to the “NEEDS” and avoiding most of the “WANTS.”

Tips To Help You Save Money On Baby Items

The baby industry is extremely good at making people believe that they need all this baby stuff. It really is. The truth is babies don’t even need all of this stuff. Here is a list of some useful tips on how to save money on baby items:

1.Buy An Inexpensive Functional Crib

I think baby cribs are the most expensive item on most baby product lists. Instead of buying a new crib, consider getting a second-hand crib one from relatives or friends. You might also want to consider shopping for a crib at Ikea. They have an excellent range of cute baby cribs that cost a lot less than the cribs sold at designer boutiques. And they are just as functional.

2. Homemade Baby Food

Make your own baby food from the comfort of your kitchen and save a lot of money! It’s way cheaper making your baby’s food than it is buying jars. Your baby food will be fresh, and it will taste way better too.

The great thing about making your baby food is that you can make food combinations based on what your baby likes. Your baby also learns to appreciate good home tasting food from a  very young age. And the best thing about making baby food for babies is that you make it. You know exactly what ingredients the food contains (no more anxiety over possible recalls).

Don’t have time to cook?

Great news – you do not need to cook baby food on a daily basis. Just pick a day that is good for you. I chose Saturday as our baby food prep day, prepared an array of easy baby foods and froze them in some good-quality baby food containers.

You don’t need to be a pro in the kitchen either. There are tons of great baby food cookbooks available, and my favorites have always been Annabel Karmel’s cookbooks. Her cookbooks contain the most delicious baby (and toddler) food recipes I’ve ever tried (especially this one).

I started using her baby food cookbooks when my first daughter turned six months. Both my daughters were raised on homemade baby food. So if I can do it, trust me you can do it too.

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3. Breastfeed Your Baby if You Can

Breastfeed your baby if you can. I know it’s not always easy for everyone to breastfeed for different reasons. But if you can, do it. It’s nature’s way of allowing moms to give their babies the best possible start in life. Breast milk contains natural antibodies that help your baby resist a lot of illnesses.

Both you and baby will benefit from breastfeeding. And not to mention it’s also very convenient.  It’s readily available, highly nutritious and is specially designed for your baby’s needs. Breastfeeding will also help protect your baby from infections and the common cold.

And another bonus with breastfeeding that I like is that it helped me the baby weight without even trying. During pregnancy, we gain weight because our bodies store fat, protein, and other nutrients in readiness for breastfeeding. And those reserves go down with time as the baby uses them up.

4. Use Cloth Diapers

Consider cloth diapering your baby; it’s a fabulous way to save money on baby items. Choose cloth diapers (like these reusable diapers) over disposable diapers. They are comfortable (if you choose are a good brand), and don’t contain harmful ingredients. Furthermore, they are good for the environment too and super good for your wallet too!

5. Buy A Good Stroller

Invest in a good stroller, especially if you’re planning to have more then one child. Investing in a good stroller doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either it’s about finding the right brand. Graco baby strollers are affordable, durable, versatile, comfortable and easy to keep clean.  Our first stroller was a Graco that we bought for our first daughter during our vacation in Dubai (I was about five months pregnant at the time). I used this same Graco stroller and the accompanying car seat with our younger daughter too. Not once did the stroller show any signs of wear.  So if you want a reliable and yet affordable stroller, I highly recommend Graco (you can find them here if you are interested).

6. Skip The Changing Table

While changing tables are a beautiful thing to have, they are not a necessity. You can very comfortably live without one. All you need is a flat service and a changing pad (most baby bags come with a foldable changing pad) or a towel. You can change your baby’s diaper on a bed, on the floor, on top of a dresser, and even on the couch.

7. Don’t Buy Expensive Baby Clothes

Babies grow so fast so don’t spend too much money on expensive baby clothes. You want to shop for a modest amount of cotton onesies, baby rompers or footed overalls, socks, and hats. They are what your baby will need during the first few months, not those expensive leather baby shoes. Plus not all newborn babies will fit into clothes meant for new babies. We bought loads of baby footed overalls for our first daughter, and the funny thing is she grew out of them even before she was born! We ended up cutting off the ends of all her baby rompers just so we could utilize them for a bit longer, even just for two more weeks.

How To Save Money On Baby Items

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