10 Best Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost 2019, can you believe it? And the New Year means that we all think about the ways that we can improve and change ourselves over the next 12 months. For some it could be losing weight or getting fitter, for others, it could be learning to value yourself more. No matter what New Year Resolutions that you promise yourself, it can be hard to keep to it, particularly as the weeks’ tick by. So, how do you make sure that you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s a list of ten ways that I think might help you find it easier to stick to your New Years resolutions this year:

10 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Don’t Make Them Too Complicated

We all know someone who decides that their New Years Resolution needs to be a hugely grand gesture about overhauling their entire life. However, making these massive changes is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure. Instead, make your resolution simple and clear. Doing so will make it much easier to keep to.

2. Give Careful Thought to What You Want

You may have a variety of things that you think are resolution worthy, but the one that speaks to you the most is the one that you should go for. Think about which resolution is going to make you feel the best, and that is the one that will have a bigger impact on your life as a whole.

3. Set Realistic Goals

While it is great to dream big when it comes to resolutions the last thing you want to do is aim too high and not give too much of a thought to reality. You need to set yourself a goal that is achievable. It could always be that you move the goalpost when you get there.

4. Break It Down

Just like a large meal, sometimes resolutions are easier to finish if you break them down into smaller chunks. Not only does this give you smaller goals to aim for, but it also means that you can plan each step at a time. Both of which make the entire resolution that little bit easier.

You can write down your goals in a bullet journal (I love this one) and monitor your progress over time.  I’m using my first ever bullet journal in powder pink this year and I’m loving it so far.  I have always been a Me and My Big Ideas Life Planner fan and still am because they are amazing, but thought I’d add a journal to my collection.

5. Have a Time Frame in Mind

If you don’t set yourself a timeframe, then you won’t feel the importance of getting to your end goal. This means, when it comes to keeping on track with your New Years resolution, it makes sense to put a timescale of when you want to achieve it by.

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6. Create a Visual Reminder

If you find it hard to focus on achieving something, a great idea is to make notes or create a visual reminder of what you want to achieve. Write down exactly what you want to do, when you want to have it done by and all the reasons why you want to do it. In no time at all, you will have a visual reminder to give you the motivational push that you need.

7. Give Yourself a Treat Along the Way

This is a particularly good tip if you have broken down your resolution into smaller chunks. Each time you get to one of your milestones, even if they are a small one, treat yourself. It is important that the treatment reflects the amount of effort that you have put into achieving that milestone, but is also enough to keep you going.

8. Accept Support

While there is no-one else who can take charge of your resolution, that doesn’t mean that your nearest and dearest can’t come along for the ride. If someone you know offers you some support, then accept it. It may feel strange having a network behind you, but having someone behind you is a great motivation to get you closer to your goal.

9. Keep Going

Trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions can be challenging. Sometimes it will feel like you are putting in the effort and not getting anywhere. At these times it is important to keep on going. Achieving something good is never easy, and if you put the effort in, eventually you should see the reward, even if it doesn’t feel that you are getting any closer.

10. Remember It Is You Who Is in Control

When it comes to achieving a resolution, the driving force behind you is you. This means that you need to remind yourself that you are in charge of what happens rather than blaming everyone else around you.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can try and keep your New Year’s resolutions in 2019. So, why not set yourself one and see if you can achieve a goal by the end of the year?


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