How To Lose Weight Fast for Free What They Don’t Tell You

OK, I’m the first to admit that the battle of the bulge is real. And with the winter festivities almost over and spring and then the summer months fast approaching, many of us will be trying out different ways to lose weight fast for free. Not just for the looks, but for health reasons too.Kettlebell Training

If you are looking for ways to lose weight fast for free, then you have come to the right place. Below I share with you some tried and tested weight-loss techniques that you too can try out if you would like to lose weight fast. I’m continually implementing these methods myself and have managed to control my weight pretty well for years.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one thing that we all need to make sure that we get plenty of. It is essential for our overall well-being. If you sleep for less than the recommended 7-8 hours for adults, then you might find it hard to lose weight fast.

Research suggests that there might be a link between not getting enough sleep and weight gain. People who don’t get enough sleep, tend to have higher levels of the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. This means that when these hormones are elevated, you overeat.

So, hitting the sack early every night isn’t a bad idea if you want to lose weight fast.

If you are struggling to get off to sleep at night, I have a wealth of different methods that you can try out. They are all natural and pretty easy to implement so check them out!

2. Avoid Snacking

Food tastes great and the snacks – oh they are so tasty! But if you want to lose weight fast, the snacks must go, unfortunately.

Eat three healthy meals per day and cut out snacks. You want to start off your day with a good breakfast. Your breakfast should contain some protein so you can feel full for longer.

3. Ditch Sugar

We all know that sugary drinks are not healthy. If you want to lose weight fast, cutting out sugary fizzy drinks or soda from your diet is a must. All these sodas (and the yummy lattes too) will contain surprising amounts of sugar which will make it hard for you to lose any weight.

Did you know that a can of regular Coke contains the equivalent of 9 teaspoons of sugar? Yikes!

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4. Eat Fewer Calories

Another way to lose weight quickly is to eat fewer calories than recommended and burn more calories than you would typically burn through exercise.

To put it simply, you gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn, so reducing the number of calories you take in will ultimately help you lose weight fast.

Instead of eating foods that are high in carbohydrates, stick to foods that are excellent sources of protein. Protein will make you feel fuller for much longer and suppress your appetite. You can find protein in foods such as:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Milk
  • Cottage cheese (I love cottage cheese) etc.

5. Lose Weight Fast For Free By Hydrating

Water has the potential to help you lose weight in so many different ways.  Drinking water before a meal, for example, will suppress your appetite.

Some studies show that consuming water before each meal will help you lose weight. When your appetite is suppressed, you take in fewer calories, which may result in weight loss.

Water contains zero calories, so why not replace your usual fizzy or sugary drinks with water instead?

Instead of gaining calories with each drink, you can lose a few with each glass of water.

And, you can also burn extra calories by drinking your water cold. Your body will need to warm the water up to body temperature and to do this it needs to burn extra calories. Brilliant.

How much water do I need and how do I know if I’m dehydrated?

The recommended amount of water to drink is 8-oz glasses of water per day for adults.

Being mildly dehydrated may lead to headaches, mood swings, trouble concentrating or continuously feeling hungry. You can fix this by drinking a good helping of water.

6. Have a Cup Of Green Tea Before Each Meal

Green tea is not just an excellent source of antioxidants; it’s also great when it comes to weight loss. It’s very nutritious and has a vast array of health benefits.

Green tea contains caffeine and catechin (catechin is a type of flavonoid) both of which according to another study, have the potential to speed up your metabolism. A faster metabolism means that you burn up calories at a quicker rate.

I find that I’m in a much better mood when I drink about 500ml of green tea first thing in the morning followed by 6-8 glasses of infused water (and plain water) distributed throughout the day.

I also like to make myself a cup of green tea to drink while I make dinner for my family in the evenings.

7. Lose Weight Fast For Free Through Workouts

Working out helps increase your metabolism, and an increased metabolism means faster weight loss because you are burning those calories at a quicker rate.

You don’t have to get a gym membership to achieve excellent results. You can still lose weight fast for free by taking a 30 minutes walk or by jumping rope for a good ten minutes to break a good sweat.

Did you know that you can burn upwards of 135 calories just by jumping rope for 10 minutes? That’s a whopping 270 calories in a 20 minutes session!

8. Try Out Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training has become of the best ways to get fit and lose weight fast. Not only is kettlebell training a lot of fun, but it will help you burn a lot of calories too. And the good thing about owning a kettlebell is that it takes up very little space in your home. You get a powerful workout for less and lose weight fast.

You can purchase one here and add to your home workout routine.

9. Eat At The Right Time

What time you eat your meals plays a considerable role in whether or not you lose weight fast or if at all.

Your body has its own internal clock aka circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is responsible for the cues for sleep (when you get drowsy at night) and alertness. You may also know it as the sleep/wake cycle.

Having a circadian rhythm means your body has its own schedule running in the background on the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. It has its own plans on when to slow you down and get you ready for sleep. Which means if you eat the wrong food at the wrong time, you might just end up with disrupted sleep and a good dose of indigestion (TUMS anyone?).

To help you lose weight fast for free, make sure you eat three healthy meals every day at around the same time. Have your breakfast at the same time every morning and so on.

Make sure each meal contains some protein so that you can stay satiated for longer.

You should try to have your dinner before 7 pm to give your body time to digest before it goes into its ‘tired mode’ or you might just disrupt your sleep.

And as this study shows, sleep deprivation may lead to a carb binge the next day which in turn leads to weight gain.

Basically, when your body is getting you ready for sleep, avoid complicating things by making sure you eat a good 3-4 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you might end up with fitful sleep, gas, indigestion, and feeling tired and craving high- calorie foods the next day.

10. Take The Stairs

Take the stairs when the opportunity presents itself (if you can). It’s a good habit to add to your normal daily activities, and it’s completely free.

If you have stairs at your office, pick them over the elevator. You burn more calories climbing stairs than you do walking on a flat surface. Which makes sense since climbing stairs involves pulling yourself up a little extra against gravity with each step.

So why not set yourself a stair climbing challenge and see how it goes?

11. Set Realistic Goals

And finally, set yourself some realistic goals. You want to lose weight fast for free and not your sanity. Put what matters most as your priority, and that is your health and happiness.

Set yourself mini-goals. Achieving these mini-goals is what will keep you motivated enough to keep going. You want to aim for a dress size at a time, don’t shoot for a size that you have not been able to wear for 15 years. It’s not realistic unless you only need to lose one size to achieve that.

Also, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and we all burn fat differently.  You have the Ferrari fat burners and the ones who put on a pound just by adding one extra nut to their muesli bowl.

So setting yourself realistic goals before you embark on your weight loss journey is a must.

Be good to yourself.

Loosing and maintaining a healthy weight requires a change in lifestyle – a lot of self-care. So make you get plenty of sleep, keep a watchful eye on your food habits, your eating schedule and take care of those stress factors in your environment.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to lose weight fast for free. Losing weight and staying at a healthy weight involves making changes to your lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it. If you have comments or questions about how to lose weight fast for free, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the comments section down below. I love hearing from you!

Lose Weight Fast for Free


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