How To Keep A House Clean With Kids

We all like to have a clean and tidy home to live in. But how do you keep a house clean with kids?

Keeping a house clean is easier said than done for a lot of busy parents. There’s just never enough time to get the cleaning done.

When it comes to keeping your house clean with kids, one thing is for sure – the more often you clean, the less you have to do because your home will always be tidy(-ish) to begin with.

Below, I list 11 things that you can do to keep your home tidier:

1. Create A Cleaning Schedule – And Stick To It

The first thing you want to do if you’re going to keep a house clean with kids is to create a cleaning schedule – and stick to it.

Having a cleaning schedule helps you know exactly what needs to be done. You can then tick off the tasks as you go through your home.

2. Delegate

Allow everyone in your house to play their part. Gather everyone and delegate chores (easier ones for the smaller kids)  and let them cross off every finished task.

3. Get A Cleaning Caddy

 Cleaning caddies are a dream especially if you have a house with rooms on different floors.  Put all your cleaning products in your cleaning caddy, and you’re all set.

You should also consider using a safe, eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner to keep the number of cleaning products in your caddy to a minimal.

4. One Toilet Scrubber Per Bathroom

As a rule, toilets should be cleaned every day. Yes, every single day.

Make sure you have a toilet brush in each bathroom. It’s more hygienic than having one toilet brush serving two toilets.

You are also more likely to clean your toilet more frequently if there’s a toilet brush in each bathroom.

5. Do The Dishes Immediately After Dinner

After a long day, all I want to do is sit down and relax in front of the TV with my family. And when our tummies are full, there’s no way any of us are getting up to do the dishes.

To avoid going to bed with a sink full of dishes, run your dishwasher immediately after dinner. This is a must if we’re going to have a clean kitchen.

And trust me, nothing beats the feeling of the smug satisfaction that comes with waking up to a sparkling clean kitchen.

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6. Empty Your Dishwasher Every Morning

If you want to keep your house clean with kids, then this one is another must do.

Make emptying your dishwasher a part of your morning routine. You can empty it while you brew yourself a cup of coffee.

It only takes five minutes, and you will keep dishes from collecting in your sink.

7. Do A Load Of Laundry A Day To Keep A House Clean With Kids

This one is my least favorite chore, so I always make sure that I’m on top of my game when it comes to dealing with laundry.  I don’t want to end up with a mountain of laundry deal with.

If you are anything like me, then you want to run a load of laundry once every day.

Load your washing machine in the morning and then dry and fold in the evening (or as soon as it’s done if you’re home).

8. Make Your Beds Every Morning

Nothing elevates my mood better than a nicely made crisp bed that I can climb into at the end of a busy day.

Seriously, if you haven’t already, then I recommend that you get your family into the habit of making their beds as soon as they get out of bed every morning. Put away any clothing, hand lotion and jewelry too.

You’ll have lovely bedrooms that are clutter free and easy to maintain with minimal effort.

9. Spend 20 minutes On One Big Chore Each Day

Cleaning your house does not have to take you all day. Making ‘big’ chores like mopping, vacuuming, cleaning out drawers, etc. more convenient to do can save you loads of time and energy.

Set aside 20 minutes of your time each day for bigger chores.

10. Declutter Often To Keep A House Clean With Kids

Declutter your home big time and then some more! It’s the easiest way you can keep a house clean with kids.

Decluttering your home will save you tons of time. Go through your house and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the past six months. Get rid of anything that you no longer use or anything that does not bring you any joy.

11. Use Safe Cleaning Products

There are so many cleaning products out there today, which makes finding a cleaning product that’s right for you just a little bit harder. I usually go for safe, eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaners (like this one in case you’re interested). Cleaning products have to be safe for kids and pets and get the job done.

The state of our homes affects how we feel. A tidy home means you’ll feel less stressed and frustrated. These 11 simple and yet useful tips will help you keep your house clean even with kids.

How To Keep A House Clean With Kids

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