Top 5 Newborn Baby Products Every New Parent Needs

Having a baby is extremely exciting albeit a bit daunting. There’s so much stuff out there for moms and babies these days that’s it’s confusing to know which baby products you’ll actually be needing. Down below, I share five newborn baby products (well four baby products and one mommy product) that will make your life so much easier.

Five Newborn Baby Products You’ll Need

1. Safty First Baby Nail Clippers

First on the list of must-have newborn baby products are these Safty First Baby nail clippers – because baby nails are sharp.

Very sharp!

Couple that with the fact that babies have very little control of their little hands, they’ll easily scratch themselves up in no time if their nails are left unchecked.

Your baby will need a baby manicure at least twice a week. And, you might want to do the manicures while your baby is asleep.

Safty First baby nail clippers are great for the job. With curved cutting edges and a built-in tiny flashlight at the tip, these clippers are specially designed to help you trim your baby’s nails safely.

2. Washable Nursing Pads

Ok, I had to include these on the list of newborn baby products because nursing pads are a must-have if you are going to be breastfeeding your baby. During the first few days and weeks when the milk starts coming in, your body will have a difficult time regulating its milk supplies. And any excess milk may leak and ruin your clothes.

Nursing pads absorb any excess milk that may leak during the early stages of breastfeeding and protect your clothes from wetness and stains. They are a definite must-have.

I used washable nursing pads. They are comfortable and a more sustainable solution compared to the disposable ones.

3. New Born Onesies

Babies sleep and nap a lot during the first five to six weeks so comfortable onesies are another must-have. You will need at least five to six of these.

These Gerber onesies are easy to put on, comfortable for your baby and you won’t have to take them off your baby completely during a nappy change.

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4. Diapers

No, seriously you will need loads of disposable or cloth diapers. Stock up on diapers (various sizes) because the last thing you want happening is suddenly running out of diapers at 2 a.m in the morning.

5. Braun Baby Thermometer

And finally, on my list of 5 top newborn baby products is the Braun Baby thermometer. I just cannot recommend this Braun thermometer enough. I bought mine years ago for my babies, and it still works like a dream. It’s money well spent. It’s easy to use, remembers the last recorded temperature, and gives a quick, accurate reading.

Newborn Baby Items

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