10 Best Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home

Getting your home feeling and smelling fresh without the use of harsh chemicals is possible thanks to essential oils for cleaning. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their vast array of health benefits.  They are great for purifying air and are known to possess antimicrobial properties that help keep illness at bay. In fact, recent research has shown that some essential oils like tea tree, thyme, and eucalyptus can actually fight viruses like the norovirus, influenza, and even Staphylococcus.

Using non-toxic cleaning agents in your house is not only good for the environment, but it is also a great way to protect your family and pets from the toxic ingredients found in conventional household cleaning products.

Below, I share with you ten essential oils for cleaning your home safely:

1. Lemon Essential Oil

First on my list of ten best essential oils for cleaning your house is Lemon essential oil. Not only is Lemon essential oil energizing and uplifting because of its strong and absolutely amazing lemon fragrance (one of my favorite scents), but it also makes an excellent degreaser! It is also a natural antimicrobial agent because of two compounds found in the oil – limonene, and b-pinene.

Use Lemon essential oil as a natural cleaning product to refresh and disinfect your home. Dilute a few drops of Lemon oil in some water to make a great all-purpose surface cleaner.

You could also use Lemon oil as a toilet cleaner by adding a few drops directly into the toilet bowl.

Get good quality Lemon oil here.

2. Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano essential oil is another excellent oil to add to your collection of natural cleaning products. It is incredibly effective against a vast array of diseases including Campylobacter, E.coli, Salmonella, and pneumonia.

Mix Oregano essential oil with 1/4 cup of castile soap (I recommend Dr. Bronner’s pure Castile liquid soap) and about a liter of water for an all-purpose cleaning solution.

Get good quality Oregano essential oil here.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

I’ve talked about how I use Lavender essential oil to help me relax and sleep before (you can read the article here). Mix Lavender oil with Orange oil to make a great spray to keep laundry and linen smelling fresh.

You can also keep your washing machine mold and mildew free by adding a few drops of Lavender oil to your laundry detergent.

Purchase this oil here.

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4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil is really good at cutting through grease and can also be used as a  deodorizer, air freshener, and disinfectant. To get rid of fat around the cooktop (and for a natural kitchen cleaning product), mix two teaspoons of eucalyptus oil, a teaspoon of Castile liquid soap, and about 250ml of water in a spray bottle. Shake gently.

A combination of Eucalyptus oil and Lavender oil also makes an excellent oil mix for an air diffuser.

You can purchase good quality Eucalyptus oil here.

5. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Essential Oil

I love Tea Tree oil, and I have used it religiously for years to treat my acne (you can read about how I manage my acne with Tea Tree oil here).  Tea tree oil aka Melaleuca essential oil is very popular and for good reasons.

It possesses antibacterial qualities which makes it a great candidate for treating acne and keeping your skin healthy. It is also handy as a cleaning product as it will quickly get rid of mold and mildew thanks to its ant-fungal properties.

Get Tea Tree oil here.

6. Rosemary Essential Oil

Did you know that this ridiculously delicious herb can also be used as a natural cleaning product? For centuries, Rosemary essential oil has been used for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Use Rosemary essential oil to naturally disinfect and deodorize your bathroom, bedrooms, laundry, surfaces and much more.

You can purchase essential oils for cleaning your home here.

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is commonly used in lozenges to relieve congestion.  It also works against colds, nausea and muscle ache. You can use Peppermint oil to clean your home by adding a few drops to a mixture of water and vinegar to make a surface cleaner or as a fabric softener substitute for your laundry.

You can purchase Peppermint oil here.

8. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme oil makes another excellent essential oil for cleaning. It makes for a great kitchen and bathroom disinfectant cleaner thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Use Tyme essential oil around your home as a natural germ buster to disinfect surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

You can buy it here.

9. Fir Needle Essential Oil

Conifer essential oils are great oils to use during the holiday season. Not only are they great for curbing anxiety and stress, but they can be used as surface cleaners too.

Mix your Fir oil with a citrus essential oil for an instant natural and yet powerful antibacterial surface cleaner. Fir Needle essential oil will also leave your home smelling like Christmas.

You can get your Fir Needle essential oil here.

10. Wild Orange Essential Oil

Because of its fantastic sweet and fresh citrus scent, Wild Orange essential oil makes a lovely DIY room spray ingredient. It also works great in a diffuser by itself or mixed with other oils such Ylang Ylang and Patchouli.

I recommend the doTERRA Wild Orange Essential oil.

As you can see, there are plenty of lovely essential oils for cleaning your home. With these oils and oil mixtures, you won’t need to spend tons of money on harmful commercial cleaning products. By using these top ten best essential oils for cleaning your home, you will not only save the environment, but you will protect your family and pets from harmful chemicals too. So why not try them out and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions or comments regarding essential oils for cleaning your home, please let me know in the comments section below. I love hearing from you.

Essential Oils for Cleaning

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