Top 6 Tips to Help You Keep A Clean Home

Do you like a clean home but the lack time to keep it guest ready and tidy? Then you will appreciate the power of speed cleaning your house. Speed cleaning is a great way to keep a clean home. Your home will look beautiful and clean all the time and in no time. 

Whether you would like to implement speed cleaning as your daily cleaning routine or just want to use speed cleaning as a way to quickly help you keep a clean home, these tips will help you get your home tidier and looking fresh in just 60 minutes or less.

1. Do the Dishes

Do your dishes every night no matter how tired you feel. I know, it’s easier said than done. However, if you want to keep a clean home, then doing your dishes in the evening is a must. You’ll wake up to a clean kitchen and less work. And that just feels great. In fact, doing the dishes immediately after a meal could help lower your stress levels.

2. Speed Clean Your Living Room Daily

Fluff the pillows and clear the coffee table and side tables. Pick up any toys and books and put them away in a storage basket or box. If you have young kids and don’t have a storage box in your room, then I highly recommend that you get one like this one. Having a toy storage box in the family room makes speed cleaning so much easier.

3. Clean the Kitchen After Dinner

Try and develop a very simple kitchen cleaning routine and stick to it. Having a routine will help you maintain a reasonably clean kitchen for long (or until you’re ready to do a deep clean).  A simple kitchen routine could consist of loading your dishwasher, decluttering and wiping down all countertops, emptying the rubbish bins, and dry mopping. 

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4. Vacuum High Traffic Areas

Allocate a few minutes to vacuuming or sweeping the floors. A home with clean floors always looks super clean. Focus on the most used areas of your home such as the bathroom, hallway, stairwell, and kitchen.

5. Use an Organic All-natural Surface Cleaner

Use a universal cleaning product, that way you won’t have to run back and forth to collect different cleaning products for the different rooms you clean. 

There are a lot of great all-natural organic cleaning products that you can use that are not only great for the environment but are safe for your family and pets too. 

6. One Load of Laundry Everyday

Another way to keep a clean home is to do one load of laundry every day. This laundry method is one that I love and prefer. Doing one load of laundry a day means you spend about 5 minutes of your time a day folding and putting away laundry – not three hours.

As you can see, there are so many ways or methods that you can implement in your daily life that will help you to keep a clean house.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you’ll find it helpful. If you have any questions or comments regarding how to keep a clean home, then please leave me a comment in the comments section below. I love hearing from you.

Top 6 Tips to Help You Keep A Clean Home

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